Oel’s 3 Gin


The first greek Gin, imported, then aromatized with 100 % pure, organic, selfmade live oil native extra, and bottled in Stone- Healthy Drinking – „we make that possible!“

Another Berlin gin!?

Yes and no. The idea for our OEL’s 3 Gin arrived late, but all the better for it. OEL’s 3 Gin is Berlin’s first organic dry gin with Greek roots and is thus the unofficial coat of arms of a diverse capital city. Distilled in Greece with a passionate combination of the ingredients love and madness, it is then exported to Germany to be flavored with 100% pure, self-produced, extra virgin Koroneiki olive oil. The result is liquid vegetable lipids with proof. From Berlin. And from Greece.

Organic gin and organic olive oil in one bottle

Flavoring a dry gin, in our case a Berlin gin, with olive oil means inviting many questions, but also experiencing the comforting certainty that you have created an innovation. And that you have done so in a world with electricity, bicycles, and the internet. This innovation is the idea of ​​using the many vegetable lipids in our olive oil to flavor a spirit, strengthening the botanicals, and astounding the jaded palates of this world with new flavors. The moment a spirit is associated with vegetable lipids, both components aromatize each other. This process of aromatizing our Berlin gin is accomplished through the regularly alternating phases of movement and rest of the olive-oil-gin mass. The hurdle of the different densities is thus skillfully navigated. Once the optimal taste has been achieved, the gin is bottled into the colored earthenware bottles. Thanks to the strengthened botanicals, the aforementioned taste of our Berlin gin is defined by a fresh, strong character, a rich aroma of ripe lemons, light nuances of ground rosemary and coriander, a natural and all-encompassing sweetness through the combination of mastic, juniper, and olive oil. Although the olive oil is removed after production, it remains as a kind of velvet in the gin, pleasing the palate. The production and bottling of our Berlin gin is limited because the complex manufacturing processes are largely done by hand and thus on an artisan scale. At the moment, we invest everything in alcohol twice a year, so that there is currently plenty of gin in stock and available through our shop. Fun fact: our organic gin’s packaging is neither random nor glass. The first juniper grain brandy from 500 years ago was called “jenever” and it is the basis of all today’s gins. It was bottled in clay jugs. In opting for earthenware instead of classic glass bottles, we are paying homage to that first gin.

Gin hysteria: the response of a Berlin gin

The story of gin, originally called "jenever", can hardly be bested in terms of pure coincidences, complex connections, and blatant excesses. It is therefore suitably open to one’s own interpretations. Interpretations of taste and content. Whether a gin, dry gin, or London dry gin is better is, in terms of the multitude of interpretations, just as much a matter of opinion as the combinations of distilled botanicals, the decision to bury the gin under mountains of ice, to drown it in lakes of tonic water, to decorate or distill it with blossoms, or to serve it with cucumbers until it is difficult to tell apart from a salad. They say you can’t argue about taste, and it is indeed all a matter of interpretation. And that's just as well. Otherwise there would probably be no Berlin gin. Because without these possibilities to think freely about the subject of gin, nobody would have come up with the idea of ​​taking the juniper-based remedy, designed as a gastrointestinal medicine, and repurposing it for a good time. Thanks to increasing enthusiasm all over Europe, hundreds of distilleries would not have come up with the idea of ​​distilling this medicine by the ton. In short, there would have been no hysteria and we would not have been able to make an unctuous contribution with our gin.

Germany and gin

  A desperate attempt to survey the gin market in Germany would certainly mean stumbling from manufacturer to manufacturer to drink one’s way through 9,999 bottles of Berlin gin in the capital alone. Some might think "challenge accepted" and raise their glass. And although Germany is the birthplace of classic wheat distillates such as cultivated grain brandy, it is now also the country of origin of the most diverse gin variants from countless manufacturers that produce and market them. Given the initial situation, it’s practically a miracle that gin and tonic established itself to become part of the nightlife culture. After all, partying Germans have been sloshed for generations on hair-raising combinations such as beer and woodruff and grain brandy and Fanta. Now these drinking habits have sharpened up. You’ll find Berlin gin instead of wheat distillates on the table at illustrious family celebrations. And woodruff has gone back to being just a jelly flavor. For all these developments, we can thank the first daring and experimental manufacturers, including many from the capital, who finally decided to get sloshed on something else.

The gin hysteria and us

We are well aware that, with our Berlin gin, we showed up late to the waiting room of the established market. But we are also aware of our unique selling point and our quality. Our OEL’s 3 Gin is distilled with a complex combination of fresh ingredients, bottled in limited quantities, and refined with olive oil to impress with its fine aromas, nuances, and character. Whether you enjoy it in a classic gin and tonic with a Tonic Water from Thomas Henry or the Dry Tonic from Schweppes, in a fresher summery gin and tonic with cucumber and a bottle of Cucumber Tonic from Doctor Polidori’s in a special gin and tonic such as with elderflower and an Elderflower Tonic from Thomas Henry in a London Buck with a Ginger Beer from Thomas Henry or simply pure our OEL’s 3 Gin refines every spontaneous get-together - regardless of the ingredients. Try it now and see for yourself!

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